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We are Called

To grow together as One Body of Christ.

Worshipping and serving together as Christians 

Christians with and without disabilities.


To foster the human, intellectual, and spiritual growth of individuals with disabilities through education, activities and services which help them to be active disciples of Jesus Christ in the Diocese of Wichita.


The Holy Family Special Needs Foundation assists persons with disabilities by awarding inclusion grants to Diocesan Catholic Schools and by funding the Ministry with Persons with Disabilities.



Will you help Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wichita make services available for students with special needs?




I would answer that question two ways. First, I would say that it is our 

obligation to provide adequate education and formation for every member of our parish family, and by virtue of being baptized, these children have as much of a right as any other to be in our schools. Jesus said, “let the little children come to me.” He didn’t say “let the college bound children come unto me,” or “let the athletic kids come to me.” If we have families who want their children to come and learn at the feet of Jesus, who are we to deny them? There are heroic people who work in special education in the public school system, but there are certain things that can only be provided in a Catholic setting, when a child can attend the same school as their siblings and their parish family. 


My hope is that we can focus not only on the price of providing special education services, but on the value of having these kids in our schools. My second answer why this is important is that we need these kids in our schools, as much or more than they need us. These kids are not a burden to our schools, they are a gift. These are people you ought to know - they have their own personalities and talents to share, and when we send them elsewhere, everyone in the school loses. 


We can and do teach students in our Catholic school system that an 

individual’s value does not come from their abilities – that everyone has an inherent dignity and worth. But it is one thing to know something, and another to experience it. The Catholic faith cannot be reduced to a series or propositions or doctrines to accept. At its heart, our faith is about our personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and our relationship with others. When we exclude a group from our schools, we don’t allow the opportunity for life-changing relationships to form. This ministry is not primarily about money or programs, it is about relationships. 


Michael Mayans - Board Member

Holy Family Special Needs Foundation, Inc. 

Board Members 

  • Christine Ostroski, President

  • Dennis Kerschen, Vice President

  • Connie Zienkewicz, Secretary

  • Fey Barles, Treasurer

  • Jeannie Dillard

  • Kate Higgins

  • Fr Michael Kerschen

  • Dr. John McCormick

  • Rodney Price

  • Cindy Weber

  • Dr. Brady Werth

  • Sarah DeVries

  • Mike Wescott



Holy Family Special Needs Foundation 

Catholic Diocese of Wichita

424 N. Broadway
Wichita, KS 67202
Phone: (316) 269-3900

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